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Scary Horror Clown Escape

Scary Horror Clown Escape

Scary Horror Clown Escape iOS

1.1 Free Munir Khan Download on the Apple Store

The Ice Scream Clown Adventure is basically a horror game. Someone just robbed a girl and kept her in an abandoned school. Her eyes open in a vacant room at night. Help her to escape from this apocalypse but be-aware of Ice Scream clown. In this game different objectives need to be performed to successfully escape from this horror school. In each objective you need to find, collect, use any item to unlock more paths/doors. Any previously accomplished objective can only be played again if game stats were reset. Single objective may have more than one targets like to find an item, pick an item and use it to perform a certain task in order to accomplish that objective successfully. Clown will catch you, if you are too near to him. Even through walls it can get you, until you are hidden somewhere like under the table or inside a cupboard or similar scenarios within the gameplay. Download and enjoy this game.

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