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Meet your next favorite web novels of fantasy, romance, BL, rebirth, werewolf, vampire, CEO, love story and other light novels on Pawpaw Novel! Pawpaw Novel is a a hub of fabulous originally created novels, where you can read and create. We dedicate to bringing the best fiction novel to the world. 【Pawpaw Novel FEATURES】 ► Read addictive popular novels: romance, werewolf, vampire, CEO, rebirth, quick transmigration, action, adventure, revenge, manga, fantasy, love story, adapted to drama, light novels and more excellent original stories… Download the app to find more! ► Update daily to meet your needs! Subscribe to your favorite novels and you will never miss an update. ► Rewards are coming to you! Login to get FREE rewards every day. Earn more rewards by completing daily missions! ► More features will come soon: Better writing experience online. Get more fans, get paid! 【GET IN TOUCH】 Email: [email protected] Website: https://www.pawpawnovel.com/

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