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The @WorkApp connects you to your office space to deliver a frictionless, dynamic and truly innovative workplace. You spend 87% of your life indoors so we want to make sure you feel happy, healthy and safe in your space. With @Work you can: - Connect and engage with your community - get discount offers for on-demand services like Uber or find out when your building is offering yoga classes and more. - Control your environment by making changes to temperature or lighting and create work orders for your space all within a single app experience. - Feeling blue? Take control of your space and remove the productivity killers from your day. - Feeling green? Challenge your team to meet sustainability goals - see how you're tracking. - Safely exit the building during an emergency event with indoor wayfinding and let your team know you are safe with a one-click check-in process. - Never get lost on your way to a meeting or visiting a coworker. Turn-by-turn navigation enabled by indoor wayfinding provides you with the fastest route to your destination. - Worry about workplace safety and risks such as asbestos, environmental hazard and other risks? Stay up-to-date with the latest news in your workplace and get notified when risks arise. - Ready to brainstorm with your team? Check the availability of meeting rooms and book one that satisfies your requirements such as size and amenities. - Worry about contracting infectious diseases from interacting with others in your office? Screen employees prior to their entry to ensure the health and safety of your employees and tenants.

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